Rebirth of Epic Proportions

Hey there, The name's Andrew a.k.a. Murdog a.k.a. Brosiedon a.k.a. Andy P Killa. You get the point. I'm 20 and I am a student at the University of Oregon. However, I often find myself back in California because that's where I come from. I blog random shit all of the time so don't expect too much of a theme. But feel to ask me about anything.

“This is Halloween”

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I am crying I love this too much

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You go about your day like normal and then you discover one of your favorite comedians of all time has died. The world isn’t the same.


The moment that you realize that you don’t have time to do all the things you want to do.

Some thoughts on my departure from Ghana.

This is it. Six weeks spent in Ghana have come and gone. I return home on Sunday, tired, filthy (haven’t had the best time with laundry and cleaning habits), excited, and even a bit sad.

I’ve fallen in love this country in my short time here. It’s a vastly underrated African territory and has so much to offer cultural, socially and politically. This is a nation filled with wonderful and gracious…

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