Rebirth of Epic Proportions

Hey there, The name's Andrew a.k.a. Murdog a.k.a. Brosiedon a.k.a. Andy P Killa. You get the point. I'm 20 and I am a student at the University of Oregon. However, I often find myself back in California because that's where I come from. I blog random shit all of the time so don't expect too much of a theme. But feel to ask me about anything.

The wonders of public transit in Accra.


A standard trotro, though they range in shapes and sizes

Way back when I first applied for the Media in Ghana program, I had some preliminary thoughts about what Ghana would be like. One of the first thoughts I had was what public transportation would be like in Accra.

The public transportation is expert level here compared to many parts of my home state, California. There are more taxis than you…

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My observations on Accra’s drainage system. #MediaInGhana

Gutters 2

How an area handles weather conditions is always an interesting topic. While the bare subject of just weather is possibly one of the weakest points of small talk in human history, the way it affects a city’s infrastructure is worth talking about.

Accra is a developing area, but one aspect that seems grossly underdeveloped in regard to everything else is the city’s drainage system. Actually, this…

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100 Words or Less: “Weird Al” Yankovic - Mandatory Fun @alyankovic

“Weird Al” Yankovic is still a maestro at musical mockery, but his parodies might be coming in a late and stale fashion in the internet age. There some giddy moments in Mandatory Fun such as “Word Crimes” which riffs on Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” and in the process teaches a grammar lesson or two. “Foil” serves as a PSA for proper food storage and makes light of Lorde’s “Royals.”

However the…

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Common directions given in Ghana. #MediaInGhana

Last Friday our group attended a concert at the Alliance Francaise in Accra. The performances mainly featured afro beat and other elements of popular African genres. The concert featured infectious grooves and  rhythms which proved to be some of the easiest to dance to music I’ve ever been exposed to.

Most of the tunes had some fascinating lyrical themes. One song played by the last band…

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Album Review: Volumes - No Sleep @volumesband

When the Warped Tour lineup was announced for this summer, Volumes appeared as one of most misplaced bands in the popular festival circuit. While the summer tour pulls in its usual crop of metalcore collectives and while Volumes certainly incorporates elements of the genre, their records indicate considerable degrees of separation.

In September of 2011, the L.A. based outlet dropped their debut…

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My experience in Kumasi’s famed open air market Kejetia.

At some point in the upbringing of most American citizens comes a time when they’re introduced to a bevy of cultural norms  in the U.S. The shopping mall, Wal-Mart, Costco, conventions, and music festivals are just some of the experiences to be had in understanding consumer behavior in this country.

I mentioned all of the above experiences in an attempt to exemplify my exposure to Kumasi’s open…

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City of Crooks upcoming concert @ofcrooks

As long as I have known him, my good friend Sebastian has always been involved with music one way or another. Two years ago he finally formed a band after years of tinkering with music software, forging strong bonds and honing his vocal skills. The band was known as Five Body Blade, but recently changed their name to City of Crooks.

In August the band will be performing at San Diego’s very own S…

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A summary of my experiences with @Joy997FM thus far.

Time spent away from home has a way of stretching itself. It’s a consistent theme here in Ghana no matter what it applies to. The mere three and a half weeks I’ve spent here have felt more like months. This most likely has to do with the my ability to quickly adapt to the country’s culture and customs. The growth has been substantial and this can be applied to my work completed over seas.

I’m in…

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It’s safe to say the band hasn’t lost its edge post-Mitch Lucker.

Suicide Silence barrels through a short 35 minutes of grinding riffs caked in sludge. They keep it consistently fast and furious while new front man Hernan Hermida rips through the grime with gruff lows and scathing screeches. While not as harrowing as Lucker’s, Hermida’s voice still fits snugly enough into the slicing grooves.


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I’m sure some of you (in reality probably none) have noticed my decline in activity on this site. I must admit that I conceded to this thing called “Life” that takes up all of my time. However, I do visit it still from time to time check out photos or to have a good laugh once in awhile.

I also realized that I don’t prefer Tumblr as an extensive writing platform as its users attention spans wouldn’t be too keen with my style. In recent months I’ve been structuring a new blog where I am able to write in extensive formats and talk about multiple subjects with manageable fluidity.

You can follow along here:

I’ll always be sure to post the link to new posts on the site keep you all in the fold of what I’m doing. I’ll also still be hovering around here, just not as much as my earlier days.